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Seasonal Delicacy

Hairy Crab at Shangri-la Hotel, Suzhou

Seasonal Delicacy

Mid-Autumn Festival marks the arrival of hairy crab season. The best time to savour the world-renowned Yangcheng Lake delicacy is September for the female crabs and October for the male crabs. The freshwater species is characterised by a green back, white abdomen, golden claws and yellow setae. They are even more delicious paired with Shaoxing yellow wine.

Shangri-la Hotel, Suzhou’s tailor-made feast showcases Yangcheng hairy crabs from the region’s largest supplier. The hotel’s signature restaurant, Shang Palace, offers a luxurious menu created by Chef Wang Xi, demonstrating a variety of cooking methods, the most popular of which is steaming or boiling. Savour the tasty crustaceans by dipping the tender, white meat in sugar, vinegar and ginger as you enjoy equally superb wine and company.

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