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Red Mansion Banquet

Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing provides novel dining experience

Red Mansion Banquet

On the evening of 20 October 2012, distinguished guest chef Anthony Dong, a virtuoso in Huaiyang cuisine, will present the Red Mansion Banquet at Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, where the name, ingredients and cooking method of each dish are adapted from the literary masterpiece A Dream of Red Mansions.

The Red Mansion Banquet comprises 24 dishes, opening with a trio of Grand View Garden dishes, featuring an elaborately sculptured garden landscape, peacock and butterflies, decorative showpieces, which showcase the chef’s creativity.  The main dishes are based on the cuisine of Ning Mansion and Rong Mansion, and each symbolises a passage in the novel. 

For example, Plum Blossoms Amidst the White Snow is a dish described in chapter 49 of the novel, recreated with stir-fried shredded pigeon, julienned celery and flower-shaped pink shrimp, and garnished with white meringue, to resemble a scenic landscape of flowers against a backdrop of snow. Chef Dong’s signature dishes also include steamed egg white with crab roe and curry prawn with multi-coloured buns. Members will have the opportunity to enjoy authentic Huaiyang cuisine with an a la carte selection available from 11-21 October 2012.

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