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Top Expert Travel Tips - Part 1: Planning

A little preparation could save you time and expense

Top Expert Travel Tips - Part 1: Planning


We've asked seasoned business travellers to share their hard-earned tips and tricks that make life on the road less stressful, more efficient and even rewarding.

1. TripIt organises all your information for you. Register for the free version, install the app on your phone and forward all of your confirmation receipts to It will make sense of all the important bits of information and present them to you chronologically in your phone.

2. hipmunk is a web site and now a mobile app that lets you efficiently compare and select exactly the right flight based on criteria important to you - like the amount of agony, arrival time, amount of stops, cost etc.

Fly the night before rather the day of your first meeting. This gives you time to relax, arrive refreshed and provides a buffer for any delays…

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