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The Easiest Holiday Ever

Yeoh Siew Hoon travels vicariously through friends

The Easiest Holiday Ever
It really is a brave new world of travel where people are venturing further and seeking new places, and everyone is sharing their experiences.

Being an armchair traveller’s not all that bad. These days, you almost don’t have to leave your home to feel like you’ve travelled. Well, almost. During the holidays, while everyone was on the road, I chose to take a break and stay home. When you travel for a living, sometimes it’s nice to stay in one place.

And so I went about everyday life in Singapore and became a tourist in my hometown. I went to the LEGOs “The Art of The Brick” at the ArtScience Museum and was gobsmacked by what people can do with those little bricks. I caught the Jersey Boys musical and left happy, tapping my feet. 

I went on an island excursion to Sentosa and had a wonderful meal at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa. The hotel is looking good and the most recent refurbishment has done wonders. It was good to see the property filled with travellers keen to explore a new destination. 

Mostly, I kept up with my friends’ travels, who in the last few years have travelled to more places than ever before. It really is a brave new world of travel where people are venturing further and seeking new places, and everyone is sharing their experiences. 

I caught up with their adventures in Rio, Machu Pichu, Lijiang, Cairns, Paris, London, Luang Prabang, Chiang Mai, Hokkaido, Istanbul, Sri Lanka and more. It was amazing. I felt I was on a round-the-world tour with my friends and all I had to do was log into Facebook each day. 

One friend went snowboarding in Niseko, Japan; another was pampered at Tea Trails in Sri Lanka; and one made it to Jade Dragon Mountain (although I think she merely admired it from a distance despite her Facebook post - exaggeration is part of the fun in the virtual world) while another posted a funny photo of a Beetle car with fake eyelashes in Rio. These days, you can live vicariously through social networks. 

And it was great to see everyone travelling and loving it. That’s the thing about travel – you only post pretty pictures and mostly share awesome moments. Of course there’ll always be a few who gripe about immigration, airports and bad experiences but travel mainly makes people happy and want to share great experiences – and maybe make their friends a tiny bit jealous. 

I didn’t feel jealous though. If anything, it made me want to go to places I’ve never been and always wanted to. Based on my armchair travels over the holidays, I’ve drawn up a list of places I’d like to visit in the future, if not this year – sailing the Mediterranean, trekking to Machu Picchu, learning the tango in Argentina and simply being in Rio. The beauty of social networks is that they inspire travel. Happy Lunar New Year and may the Snake bring you prosperity, good health and happiness. 

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