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Architecture in The Little Red Dot

Photographer Yafiq Yusman’s lens reveals many different angles of stunning Singapore.

Step into the lobby and marvel at the Tree Canopy – an art installation made of thousands of cascading stylised leaves.

• Singapore is a small city-state packed with many under-the-radar architectural wonders.

• The Learning Hub at Nanyang Technological University is designed by renowned designer Thomas Heatherwick.

• Constructed in the 1980s, The Colonnade's contemporary design of stacks of boxes has become an iconic structure and is still very much relevant today.

• Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, unveiled its revamped Tower Wing which draws inspiration from the nature around the city.

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City, island or country? You can call Singapore all of those three. We might be a small nation – covering just 719 square kilometres of land – but the ongoing land reclamation continues to give Singapore more land each year, which is now home to some of the most visually striking buildings in the world.

Flying in to Singapore offers a full view of its magnificent city skyline before you land at Changi Airport, named the world’s best for the fifth year in a row. The beautifully furnished airport interior boasts ample green spaces and thoughtfully designed facilities, essentially giving you a glimpse of what awaits in the city. 

The Hive

On the west side of the island is the learning hub of Nanyang Technological University, better known as “The Hive”,  and one of the most talked-about buildings in Singapore. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick to be a new campus space for students to interact, socialise and network with one another outside of formal classes, it is also dubbed the “dim sum basket building”.

After the rain

The iconic People’s Park Centre is one of the most photographed buildings in Singapore. Photographers love to shoot the facade after the rain as the puddle’s reflection of the building adds more details in the frame. Situated in Chinatown, the yellow painted building is hard to miss.

The Colonnade

The Colonnade situated at 82 Grange Road is an underrated building in Singapore. Built by Paul Rudolph in the 1980s, it is known for its geometric structure and stands out from neighbouring buildings as the concrete-like design is visually intricate and gives it an intriguing look.

Hotel Lobby

Not far from Orchard Road stands the first Shangri-La hotel in the world. An icon that has stood in this prestigious address since its opening, the luxurious Tower Wing received a modern update earlier this year. Step into the lobby and marvel at the Tree Canopy – an art installation made of thousands of cascading stylised leaves – by renowned Japanese designer Hirotoshi Sawada that reflects the elements of nature.

The feature wall behind the bar is another focal point of the lobby. Designed by Australian landscape designer Charlie Albone and constructed from 350kilogrammes of basalt stone flown from Down Under, it is the perfect interpretation of nature. The wall is reflected off the pond in the the lobby and beautiful metal sculptures of children playing add  depth and dimension to the space.

Naturally, the amenities we find in the guestrooms are top-notch, but the beautiful interior, with wood furnishings and chic touches such as a glass wardrobe and a chinoiserie vanity table, stands out the most to me. For a panoramic view of the architectural wonders of Singapore, head over to the Horizon Club to enjoy the view with your breakfast buffet or afternoon tea.


About Yafiq Yusman

Born and bred in Singapore, Yafiq Yusman is an avid photographer and Instagramer who captures unconventional architectural shots exclusively with his mobile. Follow him at @_yafiqyusman_.

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