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City on the Prairie

With its legendary hospitality, Inner Mongolia’s capital Huhhot offers rich history, culture and access to the vast, romantic grasslands.

City on the Prairie
Nature will be revealed in full glory, the sound of the wind stirring and starry vistas offered by the yurt windows facing the grassland.

A song, silk scarf and strong drink is a traditional greeting on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia and it sets the tone for an idyllic break at the heart of what used to be Genghis Khan’s immense empire.

Huhhot was founded by Altan Khan in the late 16th century and has attractions inspired by Mongol and Muslim roots, such as bustling bazaars, antique markets, temples and mosques.

The region’s capital is an ideal place to set off on your adventures, spend the night in a yurt, and experience the wonders of pristine plains carpeted with flowers under a cerulean sky.

Landing in luxury

The largest and most luxurious five-star hotel in Inner Mongolia, Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot ensures visitors feel at home from the moment they arrive. Located in the heart of Huhhot, the hotel overlooks Qingcheng Park and its jade-coloured lake, providing a sea of green in what is known as “Blue City.”

Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot’s arcade is home to name brand stores, while the lobby lounge overlooks a verdant garden. A range of fine dining options include Xin Café and its first-class “theatre kitchen” buffet of international cuisines. Shang Palace offers Mongolian and Cantonese specialties in a refined atmosphere, while the Grand Ballroom provides the best banqueting facilities in town. Shangri-La offers tranquillity among the hustle and bustle of a booming city and the ideal gateway to one of nature’s wonderlands. 

Blue City

Huhhot offers more than 400 years of history and the fruits of impressive development over the past 30 years, forming an impressive metropolis that offers plenty to see and do.

Da Zhao Temple is a stepping-stone into the past. Founded in 1579, it has been the centre for Tibetan Buddhism in Inner Mongolia and boasts impressive murals and one of the largest silver Buddhas in China. It leads conveniently to Sai Shang Old Street, the perfect place to browse local art shops. Also nearby is Muslim Cultural Street, where you can sample rich Islamic culture, from serene white mosques, to golden domed buildings, while an evening lightshow highlights the city’s unique architecture. 

Further afield is the Tomb of Princess Wang Zhaojun, nine kilometres outside Huhhot, which celebrates one of China’s “Four Beauties” who unified the Han and Xiongnu ethnic groups more than 2,000 years ago. The Inner Mongolia Museum offers insight into the area’s history and culture, from the time of the dinosaurs to the future of space travel. 

Grasslands Adventure

Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot offers a unique grasslands and Singing Sands desert experience. Three or four-day package tours transport guests to a world of picture perfect scenery and stunning landscapes.

The adventure begins at the world famous Gegentala Grassland, stopping off at a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) prince’s mansion and a lamaserie. Expect to be welcomed in traditional fashion by a mounted troop, singing and a cup of the fiery local liquor, before being presented with a traditional hada scarf.

Stay in a deluxe chariot yurt for the duration of the authentic grasslands experience. Enjoy a show of Mongolian horsemen and battling Mongolian wrestlers, or visit local nomads, ride camels and take an exciting ride in an all-terrain vehicle. Feast on the local specialty, lamb, in a VIP yurt dining room, or experience a campfire and local entertainment. Nature will be revealed in full glory, the sound of the wind stirring and starry vistas offered by the yurt windows facing the grassland.

The four-day tour offers an additional day-trip to Singing Sands and a packed afternoon of desert-themed activities, including cable cars, dune buggy excursions, camel rides, a sand sculpture exhibition, sand sledding and a traditional Erdos wedding ceremony.

Finally, from 13 to 20 July, the world-renowned Naadam Festival at Gegentala, showcases a cornucopia of competitive Mongolian sports, such as horse and camel racing, archery and wrestling – truly the experience of a lifetime.

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    We like the 3 nites 4 days pakage, may be for 6/8 persons-3/4 Horizon Club rooms.
    Aug 7th----out 10th Aug 2012.
    Will you be able to give a special pakage ?

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