Inner Circle

Haikou is an extremely diverse and dynamic city on the northern coast of tropical Hainan Island. While many tourist head directly to the famous southern port of Sanya, staying in Haikou makes a lot of sense for the traveller who wants to do more than lie on a beach. Haikou has a long and colourful history with beautiful neighbourhoods, unique dining and numerous options for culturally authentic day trips and outings.

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South Gate Ascent -  

South Gate Ascent

As China’s third largest and fastest growing economic city, Guangzhou has been integral to the nation’s development as a hub for trade and cultural ex…

Chill Out -  

Chill Out

Thirty degrees below zero and the river iced over — perfect! Perfect that is for Harbin, where these are ideal conditions for the chilled thrills the …

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Inner Circle
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